Kidan Kwarya: Hajiya Uwaliya Mai Amara ( 1934-1983)

Kidan Kwarya (Traditional Hausa music with the use of Calabashes as instruments) is an immutable aspect of the Hausa culture. It is an art form typically practiced by women

Hajia Uwaliya Mai Amada (1934-1983), from Kano State, is one of the pioneers of Kidan Kwarya, making it popular across Arewa. 

Hajia Uwaliya was born in Gezawa and was later discovered at a women's gathering. Thereafter, she accompanied other women singers to performances many of which were for women themed ceremonies.

When she was 27, she decided to make a singing career in Kano and formed a singing partnership with her husband who played a gourd. She also utilized a chorus of about ten women. Early in her career, she predominantly sang for women.

In the video above, Hajiya Uwaliya Mai Amada is singing 'Wakar Kishiya' during her interview with Lami Maccido circa 1970s/1980s. The only man seen in the video is her husband. He supported her career till her death.

Sources:Almajira Initiative,  Dandalin Tarihi, Hausa-literature-stub. Video source: Abdalla Uba Adamu (Youtube).

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