FlowPad Celebrates International Women Day

FlowPad a Social Advocacy program based in Jos, Plateau State joined millions people around the world to celebrates International Women's Day being comemorated 8th March every year. 

The leader of the team JerryMC Alfred  said "it’s a day to celebrate how far we’ve come in terms of women’s rights, and also to look ahead at how we cane improve in the future".

He expressed his joy over the introduction of family planning programs.

" the invention of the contraceptive pill, or improvements in the developing world, there’s plenty to be happy about''.

Alfred commended women for supporting the activities of the team and urged many people to donate sanitary pads.

"It can’t pass without giving a huge thanks to the women that helped make that happen, though.

As male, let's take out time to celebrate the women in our lives 

Don't forget to donate pads to those young women who can't afford it''.

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