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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Feminism Exaggerated - Habib Korede

Contributed by  Habib Korede Jimoh

Feminist are actually breaking homes with their clamour for autonomy over their body while in marriage; which is a threat to fundamental rule of marriage. It is demeaning for a married lady to encourage infidelity in her home by subscribing to an "un-African", uncultured, unethical, and ill informed westerners in the name of civilization and feminism.

Several domestic violence sprung from the demeaning mindset the so called feminist are clamouring for; the recognition of marital rape by human right and its criminalization. Yes, we all know that marriage is an institution that does not deny a woman all her right; rather, it is an institution that binds two people together, perhaps, for life – which is an ideal institution that encourages productivity and that should not be compromised by a lowly feminist-thinking which divide women against women and set women against men.

Women are not independent of men; vice versa. Women are very delicate and should be handled with, with care; "by men". Feminist should promote a clique in sisterhood that would educate the ladies on how to be a responsible lady/wife, how to mould an irresponsible man to be responsible, how to assist the husband in raising positive children and how to make the world a better place; but not through a collective sharing and imposing an odd ideas; for others, to others and on others.

I think, their should be a new set of women that should rise up and start a new move, a move as promising and flourishing as *#WomenAgainstFeminism.*

©Habib Korede Jimoh

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