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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Hon Ibrahim Bala Hassan And Youth Leadership in Bauchi State - Nafiu Imam

Written by Nafiu Imam

    When the good people come calling with bags of yearning and vociferation, then cometh a you man with the tender heart that cares just about that; satisfying the needs of the needy.
Nafiu Imam 
  In numerous accounts, history has shown that Hon. Ibrahim Bala Hassan's generosity and benevolence traces back to his child hood. Conventionally, it is believed that givers never lack, the case of Hon. Ibrahim Hassan is indeed a practical replica of that saying. This is evident looking at how far he has come and what he achieved at such a considerable tender age at every point in his career.

    A philanthropist of the highest degree, Hon. Bala Hassan was born and bread in the heart of a recognized and achieving family. It is rather a no coincidence that he has been at the forefront in human capital development all over the state. Because, he knows what it feels like to be in the current state especially we, the youths find ourselves in.

     This why he has been at the  forefront of everything concerning youths and students not just in his constituency but the entire state at large. His involvement in the exposition of tourism and traditional norms of the Bauchi people through the #ExploreBauchi and Polo Tournament is nothing but remarkable. Back in his locality, his constituents cherish and respect him to the level a good representative deserve.
Hon Ibrahim Hassan at Public function
  It is sad that this space will not be enough to discuss the persona of Hon. Ibrahim B. H, because he has shown such exceptional personal prowess that made him such a great revolutionist, technocrat and administrator.

As a self-disciplined and principled man, Hon. Ibrahim does not go by the popular practice of extending the size of his wall being adopted by most wealthy people, but rather extending the length of his table as his hard-earned fortunes enlarge! I believe every Bauchi state indigene must have in one way or the other heard about the numerous philanthropic projects he  has embarked upon the good people of Bauchi state.

To mention but a few, these projects include sponsoring of the educational and medical bills, donations to women and youth societies and groups, securing of employment slots to the teeming unemployed youths, sponsoring youths and students oriented events etc

      It is with the above few words of facts on Ibrahim Bala Hassan that we the people of Bauchi state unanimously feel it will of a great advantage to have such a god-sent youth as an example figure and youth representative at the helm of the affairs of any arm of government.

     His past and present records has left us with the conviction that he will not let us down. As the saying goes "Fact speaks for itself", I will like to at this end call this young leader,  Ibrahim Bala Hassan to continue on the path he set of showing what the youth can deliver in the political set up.

NAFI'U IMAM Writes from Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi

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