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Saturday, 29 July 2017

History: Northern Peoples Congress

By Arewa Affairs

The Government party in Northern Region, was founded after the general elections in 1951, following the promulgation of the MacPherson constitution. Its leader was the Sardauna of Sokoto Sir Ahmadu Bello who was Premier of the Northern region. Its motto was " One North, One People, irrespective of region, rank or tribe".

The NPC had its objective the attainment of self government of Nigeria and the introduction of  permanent federal constitution.

The following constitute the aims of the party.

1. To adopt and cultivate means that would foster better understanding and cooperation between the members of the Association and the Northern community.

2. To study and strive to preserve the traditions which bound to the culture to the past , while reforming these traditions them capable of meeting modern conditions.

3.To educate the Northerners of their civic and political responsibilities, to organise them to accept the leadership 
of the NPC and to support  the candidates for elections to the region and Central Legislature and to Local Councils.

5. To study cultural, social , political and Economic past time of the northerners so that they can adjust themselves to the present Changing world.

These are few aims and objectives of NPC...

Prominent Members of Northern Peoples Congress
1. President General.        Alhaji Ahmadu Bello Sardauna of Sokoto

2. First Vice President.     Alhaji  Abubakar Tarawa Balewa

3. Second Vice President.  Alhaji Muhammadu Ribadu

4.General Secretary.           Alhaji Muhammadu Habib

5. General Treasurer.         Alhaji Aliyu Makama Bida

6. General Finnancial Sec.  Alhaji Isah Kaita.

7. North Regional President .  Ibrahim Musa Gashash

8. North Regional Secretary.   Michael Audu Buba

9. Principal Organising Secretary.  Habib Raji and.     Muhammadu King

10 . Publicity Secretary.          Abubakar Tuggar

11. Administrative Secretary.  Malam Garba Abuja

Souce.:The Development of Political Parties in Nigeria by ZIK

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